Scam Am Games Falls Flat

[ 0 ] July 10, 2015 |

huge big yawn scam am gamesSo as Toronto’s traffic grinds to a screeching halt, the Mayor has taken to wagging his crooked little finger, admonishing the citizens for being apathetic and grumpy about the Pan Am Games.

Dandy.  Instead of looking in the mirror, and pointing the finger at the people who foisted this ridiculous waste of money on the province,… he tut-tuts the people who have no choice but to pay the 2.5 billion (and counting) for this ridiculous debacle.

Apparently we’re all just moaners and groaners.  How nice.

The New York Times points out the interweaving of Liberal insiders who helped put this exorbitant debt on our backs.  They connect the dots quite nicely.

Suffice to say, that instead of slamming the citizens of this once great province with his sanctimonious finger wagging, I suggest Mayor Tory and Ms Wynne start learning their insincere mea culpa speeches.  Somebody needs to explain to Ontarians why we are going to be left holding the 2.5 billion dollar bag for this mess.

Happy Weekend!


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