Do People Actually Understand What They Are Voting For?

[ 0 ] July 6, 2015 |

uninformed voting patternsThe recent vote in Greece is a perfect example of what can happen when uniformed voters cast ballots.

It is also a perfect example of what happens when people are told what to do, given limited information, or worse, deliberately given misinformation.

For many, they simply enter the ballot booth, do as they’re told and mindlessly check a box. They have no clue about what they are voting for, or against.

This isn’t new, but has over the years, become the norm.  Truth has been replaced with spin or outright lies. There are thousands of man hours (and money) spent on to how to best manipulate the population. How best to create outright confusion and obfuscation in the minds of people.

Political masters and backroom boys actually take courses on how to artfully and politically manipulate.


What is worse is that many have no clue just how easily they can be manipulated.

That is outright scary.

Many of our fellow Ontarians are walking around in the same mind fog as those in Greece.  They think everything is fine, our debt will take care of itself, and the tap that provides milk and honey will never run out.

We better pay close attention to what happens to Greece.  The fate of Ontario may depend on it.


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