Ontario’s Sad State of Affairs

[ 0 ] July 19, 2015 |

green energy scamIt appears that even with the European Union’s glaring example of Green Energy failings, our ideologue Premier plans to plow ahead and send Ontario down the same path and ultimate economic death spiral.

But see folks, apparently what has happened with the Green Scam over there doesn’t matter to Ms Wynne and her government lackeys. And yes Virginia, there really are people who believe that even in the shadow of irrefutable proof, they believe that the only reason that certain ideas fail is because they weren’t at the helm, that they weren’t in charge.

When someone has their eye on saving the planet – the cost, or the eventual failure and fallout, is inconsequential.  It certainly helps when they aren’t rolling the dice with their own money.  Instead that hefty cost gets heaped on the backs of Ontarians.

All is well though, we’re in Ms Wynne’s safe hands.  The same hands who plan to pick our pockets with a job killing, economy killing tax being sold as a “provincial pension”.

Anyone planning to move out of Ontario better plan on doing so now.  There won’t be much left to Ontario once she and her cohorts are through with it.


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