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rats leaving the shipOh … Dear.

A bored Bernardo, sick bastard that he is, is applied for day parole.  Remind me again about “Life meaning Life” in this country?

A very peeved Toronto is enjoying the pre-Scam Am Games traffic jams.  They are not happy.  Remind me again why they voted for Wynne and Tory?

Way out in Vancouver, they say no to a raise in taxes in order to fund more mass transit. Left wing Vancouver.  Yes. Left. Wing. Vancouver. Remind me again how they can grow a fiscally responsible brain, but Ontario cannot?

A Superior Court Judge handed Toronto a big “NO!” to their wish for an injunction to stop Uber.  Not saying I agree with this one way or the other, but I can’t imagine this is going to do much to help the summer gridlock in the big T.O. this summer.  Ticked off cabbies and traffic jams.  Enjoy your summer Toronto. Remind me again how the Toronto media cannot draw a straight line between those the people in Toronto vote for and the political pain inflicted on Toronto residents?

Last week Wynne was concerned that people waiting for gender re-assignment. Ah, ok.  Ms Wynne, Ontarians are waiting for all kinds of health care services.  Isn’t it nice that she seems to care only about her pet causes and the rest of us be damned? Remind me why only certain people are on the Premier’s radar, while others like cancer patients and children needing special care can languish in medical uncertainty?

More fun in Ontari-owe.

Oh well it’s the weekend.


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