Liberal Promises and Liberal Lies

[ 0 ] July 2, 2015 |

Liberals LiesLiberals love to get elected.  They love to do whatever is needed to get into power and stay in power.

All one has to do, is look at the likes of the various lot of present MPPs to see how the Liberal machine has talking points, how they stay on script (even if what they are saying has no relevance to the question they were asked or makes sense for that matter) and even if you manage to paint them into a corner, they are masters at slithering their way around anything that attempts to make them look bad.

The job of PCs and the NDP is to learn how to constantly paint them into a corner and then keep them there. It’s not good enough to play political “gotchya”, you have to be able to pin them on the mat and make them tap out. The job is to get them off balance and not allow them to employ their well-honed tap dancing skills to get their Liberal butts out of trouble.

Unless and until that the opposition parties sharpen that skill to perfection, utilize it towards the Liberals with laser precision, we will be subjected to the same type of slithering Liberal politicians playing the province for a bunch of fools.

We deserve better.



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