It’s Only Taxpayer Money.

[ 0 ] July 5, 2015 |

burning tax moneyAh, government entitlement. Whether it’s purchasing an overly expensive glass of orange juice, a cheapo expense declaration for a 79 cent pack of gum, or three-quarters of a million dollars for office upgrades to a headquarters that oversees low income tenements, (where incidentally, the tenants live with rats, bed bugs and mold and crime), the theme always seems to be the same – spend, spend, spend. There really isn’t much respect for taxpayer dollars. Those who can route some of our tax money into their pockets or to their benefit somehow, never seem to stop finding ways to do so.

Then there is that infamous Liberal quote by David Dingwall: I am entitled to my entitlements.

In other words, it is good to be me, I want what I can get, no matter WHO has to suffer to give it to me.

You know, no matter if it is over entitled federal bureaucrats who believe they are entitled to anything they want, city councillors wanting to go on fact finding junkets to exotic places (aka, a holiday on the taxpayer’s dime instead of picking up the damn phone or searching on the internet) or provincial hired hands who dig their paws deeply into the public purse to pay for personal expenses  –  there are days, I’ll admit, where I think: Gee – where can I get in on the action?

Why do I feel that way?  Simple, because for the most part, the scamming of our tax dollars seems to be getting worse, and nobody seems to pay any significant penalty for taking our money.

Remember ORNGE and the motorcycle and the swanky crystal palace that housed all the important ORNGE workers?   Has anyone gone to jail or even had to answer for the misspending of that mess? Nope.

Then there is the recent spending of 750K to upgrade offices for the Toronto Community Houses headquarters. This while there are people who live with holes in their walls and ceilings, leaking pipes that have been that way for 2 years, soggy drywall, chronic infestations of bedbugs and cockroaches – and the list goes on.

The largest problem seems to be that tax money, the money we pool together as taxpayers, is no longer going for the common good – which was the idea of pooling our money via taxes in the first place. Instead, it has become the piggy bank of the elites.  Those who manage to somehow get their grubby paws close enough to the piggy bank to grab a fist full of cash for themselves.

It’s wrong, just plain wrong, but until there are streams of those “entitled” types who start having to spend time in jail, and having to pay every penny back to us, not much will change, I am afraid.

Sad. But true.

Happy Sunday!


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