More Health Care Rationing

[ 0 ] July 9, 2015 |

rationing again health careThis isn’t the first time Ontarians have heard a story like this.  Parents of children with health care issues, are unable to access medical services.

We remember the little girl who had to beg the province for medication just so she could breathe. Now, it is children with mobility difficulties from cerebral palsy, who are supposed to be able to access medical treatment here in Ontario or elsewhere if necessary, that are under the rationing boondoggle. The province claims that the OHIP system is ready pay needed surgeries, even if they are accessed out of province.  That however is only part of the story.  The criteria the province wants is lesson in a lack of common sense, with a set of rules, that are designed to stymie anyone who tries to maneuver through them.

We all remember the big guilt trip the left used to use.  They claimed it was the responsibility of everyone to pay excessively high taxes. Why?… well because we have to pay for the best universally accessible health care system on the planet.

Yeah, what happened with that?

So now, we have Ontario parents having to crowdfund hundreds of thousands of dollars in order for their kids to have a chance to walk.  Yes, you read that right.

The bureaucracy and government keeps the criteria hurdles going round and round. That way they can refuse health care. Necessary health care.  Even for little kids.  This is the same Premier incidentally, who was troubled that people had to wait for gender re-assignment surgery and promised to do something substantial to remedy it.

Nice priorities there Wynne.  The only troubling thing is your twisted priorities where kids who just want the chance to walk, are apparently less important than one of your pet “equality” priorities.

Sickening.  Not surprising, but sickening just the same.


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