Wynne Sticking Her Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong

[ 0 ] June 10, 2015 |

too early to hear more stupidity from  the LiberalsYou have to love the hypocrisy of Kathleen Wynne.  Instead of dealing with the numerous boondoggles within her own purview, our finger wagging Premier weighed into Federal politics, yet again.

Ms Wynne couldn’t wait to take her weekly pot shot at the Federal Conservatives by calling their response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report as -“disappointing”.

Excuse me Ms Wynne, but have you looked into some of the failings of your own government lately?

Say… like noticing a little girl who had to go begging for health care?  Or say… the countless thousands of seniors who are reduced to a steady diet of “dollar store” noodles so that they can afford to pay their electricity bills?

Or perhaps we can talk about the tens of thousands of parents who think your Sex Ed Curriculum leaves much to be desired? What do you have to say about those issues Ms Wynne?  Is that crickets I hear?  Or are you too busy looking for a squirrel to point to?

Just when I thought her arrogant hypocrisy couldn’t get more nauseating, she upped her game once again.

Oh lucky us.


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