Our Tax Money Should Not Be A Slush Fund For Politicians

[ 0 ] June 17, 2015 |

going broke in OntarioIt appears Ms Wynne’s big Facebook page announcement was a bust.

Tuesday, she proudly displayed a picture of herself perched in the driver’s seat of a very expensive 18 wheeler “big rig”.

Anyone know what one of those Internationals big rigs cost?

Needless to say, folks are not terribly enamored that 3 million of our tax money is going to a company with very deep pockets.

Next time your grandma needs a hip or knee and is told she has to wait a year for the surgery, send a note to Ms Wynne and inform her that she is a lousy steward of our tax bucks.

Also inform her, that you are going to vote for a party that proposes to do a vast forensic audit of Liberal spending and money hand outs while they were in office.

The only way to try to curb this insanity is to find something that will make them fearful.



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