Sex Ed Curriculum – Give It Up Ms Wynne

[ 0 ] June 7, 2015 |

sex ed leave it at home where it belongsWhen the Star publishes an editorial against the Wynne government, you know things are bad.

This weekend they urged Ms Wynne and her government to re-open the Sex Ed Curriculum dialog with Ontario parents.

What is known by many of us, is that the curriculum flies in the face of many ethnic and cultural belief systems.

When this first came to a head, the government duly embarrassed itself by first claiming that only homophobes were against this curriculum.  They failed to understand (as the Star editorial points out – and this blog has pointed out) that there are many different groups that are taking huge issue with the curriculum.

Wynne’s initial reaction to opposition proves an inherent problem with her government and her own “way of doing things”.  It’s her way or the highway.  Sadly, she has shown a lack of understanding about the geo-cultural make-up of Ontarians.

Arrogance and ignorance is a toxic mix.  That unfortunately is how Ms Wynne and her minions have handled this issue.

As 5000 gathered at Queen’s Park to oppose the Sex Ed Curriculum, it is very clear that this fight will not go away.

I have a piece of advice for Ms Wynne.  I suggest that they just accept that most want Ontario schools to be about teaching children the basics. Leave the more in-depth sexual education and discussions where they belong – at home!


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