Our Provincial Economy Is Faltering.

[ 0 ] June 6, 2015 |

hopeless in OntarioA CBC report last month claimed that 30% of those claiming bankruptcy in Ontario are seniors.

It’s becoming increasingly impossible to stay afloat in this once prosperous province.  The folks who have worked their entire lives to keep their head above water, find themselves so overcome with the exponential cost of surviving, they end up broke.

Placards reading “Heat or Eat” aren’t simply hyperbole.  They are a reality for many seniors, families and businesses across the province.

With interest rates as low as they are, the economy should be booming.  There should be long lines of companies wanting to cash in on low interest borrowing, in order to fund future growth.  Investing in future growth provides good paying jobs and longevity of those jobs. But, the businesses are not taking those chances.

The cost of everything else has gone up by such ridiculous numbers that those who can move out of Ontario do, others hold on hoping to win the lottery, or that some out of country business with deep pockets will come and want to buy their business.

Life shouldn’t be this way in Ontario.  It really should not.

Shame on those who sent us down this path.


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