Too Many Contracts With Too Much Secrecy

[ 0 ] June 21, 2015 |

follow the moneyFar too many government contracts are shrouded in secrecy.

We have very good manufactures and companies in Ontario and across Canada.  They build boats, bridges, snowmobiles, trains, and just about anything else you can imagine.

So when a contract is awarded to an offshore company, despite having a company doing the same type of business in our own backyard – it has to make one wonder.

Then there are the bids that are awarded to companies that grossly underbid a job, only to end up costing the taxpayer two or three times the price. We simply fork over the excess money, no questions asked.  Ever wonder why?

When you have arrests at the highest levels of soccers’ executive, I think it’s naive to believe that all of our elements of our government are squeaky clean, at all times.

We’ve had a media circus surrounding the expenses at the Federal Senate, and yet if there were to be audits on how municipalities and provinces do their business, I suspect by comparison, that it would make the senate look like someone stealing a few gumballs.

Follow the money they say.  I’d like to see it happen.  It should start with a mass batch of forensic audits on how contracts have been awarded.


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