Low Information Voters

[ 0 ] June 28, 2015 |

low information voterThanks to far too many low information voters, we the lucky residents of Ontario are saddled with the most useless bunch of nitwits that ever held office in this province.

While shoving green energy provisions down our throats, Ms Wynne has just signed a 400 million dollar deal with a Chinese company which… wait for it… produces, processes, stores, transports and distributes coal as well as deals in the trade and retail of petroleum.  They also and own several coal mines in Inner Mongolia and Shanxi Province.

Yep, while Ms Wynne and her bunch are wagging their crooked little fingers at us, telling us how we must save the planet, pay carbon taxes to save the planet… ah hell,… give her all our money to save the planet – she now has stuck a knife in our backs by signing a deal with a company whose work product effectively negates any so called attempt this province will ever accomplish in minimizing our “carbon footprint”.

Has this woman outright lost her ever loving mind?

I know, rhetorical question.  The green scam continues.  Thanks to the low information voters, who also believe this green scam garbage, politicians will continue to get away with this stupidity and talk out of both sides of their mouths.


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