How Long Must We Keep Paying?

[ 0 ] June 14, 2015 |

entitled to their entitlementsSo how many performance bonuses and retention pay bonuses did you earn in the past two years?

None you say?

Then you are like most Ontarians who don’t get shovel loads of taxpayer money handed to them.

Over ten years ago, the province negotiated with the OPP to come up with a scheme where they would pay a bonus percentage for officers.  The bonus kicks in for those who stay on the job more than eight years.

In theory, the 3-6-9 retention bonuses were meant to curb the exodus of police officers after a short time on the job.

Essentially the bonus gives an extra three-per-cent pay after eight years of service, six per cent after about 17 years and nine per cent after about 23 years.

In theory, I understand it. In practice, it’s ludicrous. Not only did this scheme filter down to municipal police models but also to other first responder service departments.   It’s completely unaffordable.

Be it paying 5.7 million in bonuses which are going to the Pan Am Game executives, or the excess amounts of money that has to be paid in bonuses to civil servants, there has to come a point where we can no longer afford it.

No sane private business would adopt this model, so why should taxpayers?


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