Our Kids Deserve Better

[ 0 ] June 9, 2015 |

stressing out our kidsIt’s easy to overlook how chronic teacher strikes and work stoppages effect students.

Sure, for some it’s as easy as getting time off classes, but for others the uncertainty about how OR if they’re going to get their grades is very stressful.  Many of the students need the best final grade they can obtain in order to enter their choice university.

As governments, politicians and unions haggle over which “T” needs to be crossed and which “I” isn’t to their liking, they’re playing with the lives and future of the kids whose only sin is being a student of the Ontario school system.

Unlike the children of politicians or the highly paid bureaucrat, many of these high school kids depend on scholarships in order to pay for college or university.  Not every parent in Ontario has bags full of money at their disposal to get their kids into higher education.  These kids work their butts off, and it’s grossly unfair that any of them are being hindered because of the chronic pissing contest between the unions and government.

Our kids deserve better, we as tax payers deserve better.


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