Hydro Secrecy and Bill 91

[ 0 ] June 13, 2015 |

hydro secrecySo much for Wynne’s safe hands.

The Ombudman warned us.  Now, as reported by the Toronto Sun, with the passage of the omnibus bill, aka Bill 91, we are really going to be kept in the dark.  No longer are the goings on at Hydro One or the particulars regarding the sale, available for taxpayer’s scrutiny.

That’s right, we are effectively being given the big middle bird and told this is not taxpayer’s business.

Yeah, Wynne’s safe hands alright.  Not for all Ontarians mind you, only the friends of Liberals.

I’ll spare you re-listing the particulars and instead I’ll just link to the Toronto Sun piece and let you read all the gory details.  They chronicle the whole mess far more succinctly than I can.

Suffice to say – now that they have gotten away with this sneaky coup, we will be seeing this same nonsense any time they need to sweep a scandal under the rug.

Our friends at Queen’s Park are crafty, I’ll give them that.

Heaven help us.


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