Hydro One – Stop The Fire Sale

[ 0 ] June 1, 2015 |

chiarelli has no cluePatrick Brown and the Progressive Party of Ontario have launched their own petition in an effort to prevent the fire sale of Hydro One. Like the NDP, they are raising concerns about the lack of oversight, the lack of transparency and the outright lack of concern being exercised by the Liberals.

It’s a rare sight when both the political left and the political right agree.  When the NDP and the PCs agree the sale is a bad idea, I think it behoves everyone to take a step back and re-think this sale.

Reading through the parliamentary exchanges during Monday’s session, it’s enough to make you shake your head in disbelief.

Bob Chiarelli actually had the nerve to stand up and claim – We’ve taken tremendous care to protect the interests of the ratepayer and the taxpayer.

Honestly, am I the only one who wants to scream – BOB!  SHUT UP!

How does that man keep a straight face when he says such twaddle?

There is real concern over this secretive sale.  Once the Ontario Liberal Budget receives royal assent, the taxpayers will essentially be told – Buzz off, you are not entitled to know anything.  They will be allowed to hide behind the Privacy Act and convenient confidentiality conditions.

Everything about this sale stinks.  The way it’s being shoved through the Legislature, the secrecy and the absolute misrepresentation about what this sale will mean to both the tax base and rate payers.

We can barely afford the electric bills as it is now.  This sale should not go through.


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