Going, Going, Gone

[ 0 ] June 3, 2015 |

our hydro assets being sold at fire sale pricesWell we knew it was coming.

Ontario’s fire sale of our Hydro One and other hydro assets is a done deal. Poof. Gone.

And so this is democracy, is it?  Frankly I have a lot of words for it, and none of them come close to the word democracy.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised though, this is the same bunch who learned at the knee of Dalton – I won’t raise your taxes – McGuinty.

The ink was barely dry on his newly elected status when he promptly raised taxes.  Prior to that election he even made a big deal about signing some document pledging not to raise taxes.  So much for that.

Ms Wynne and her gang of marauders and pillaging incompetents made absolutely no mention of selling off Hydro assets during the last Ontario election.  She may have her precious majority government, but she does not have the will of the people to sell Hydro One.

I guess if the litmus text is McGuinty’s legacy, we should be lucky she didn’t outright pledge not to sell Hydro during the election.  Instead of an outright lie, it’s simply a lie by omission.

The PCs and NDP did what they could in the legislature, but I fear the only way this sale may be prevented, is legally.  Either by some under used procedural rule, or legal precedent.

I hope the PCs and the NDP can put their efforts together and hire some of the best legal minds available.  Gather the best team they can and go over legal documents and legislative rules until they find something they can use to prohibit this sale.

Sadly, it appears that it’s the only recourse we may have left.


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