Get Lost Bono!

[ 0 ] June 15, 2015 |

get lost bonoNothing fires my ire like a self-important, pompous rock star who wants to tell us how we should spend our money.

I wish someone would tell him to stick to tunes and leave the finances to the adults.  Or at the very least, ask him how much he spends flying all over the planet hocking his so called “humanitarian missions”?

Instead of ripping the money out of the hands of little old ladies or single moms, why doesn’t his ilk simply fire off the equivalent of their own money and leave the rest of us alone?

The fact that I have to post about this self-righteous putz is annoying enough, but the idea that our politicians at any level of government would bother to meet with this guy is plain stupidity.

Our pockets are bare Mr Bono.  Get lost.



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