Gay Pride Parade – I Just Don’t Care

[ 0 ] June 23, 2015 |

gay pride don't careI like a good party, I really do.

I like a good reason to have a party too.

What I don’t get however is why there is such a big deal over John Tory embracing the Gay Pride Festivities in Toronto.

Do I care that they have a parade, a bunch of parties or anything else they want to celebrate?  Nope, I simply don’t care. I guess that is why I find the Red Star article so trite.  It is a slam again at Rob Ford just because they have the forum to do it. The fact that the new mayor is being so inviting, is rather secondary to the story.

I would like to ask the folks at the Red Star –

Where is the solidary parade for the beleaguered taxpayer who is getting gouged at every turn?

Where is the parade for the farmers who are treated with utter disdain by the provincial government and their bureaucracies?

Where is the parade for the pensioners and elderly who are now treated like third class citizens by the health care system?

Where’s the parade for the hard working kids who work their buns off in order to qualify for college or university scholarships but are being held hostage by teachers unions?

And where is the big old parade for the rate payers of Hydro One and their subsidiaries for all the crap that they have been put through?

I could go on and on here, the point being the Gay Pride festivities are nothing but a political hot potato which labels people homophobic or anti-gay if they don’t participate. Ask Rob Ford.

So have your parade, I really don’t care.  Just don’t expect me to accept that a bunch of mostly naked people romping around in mock defiance, is anything that is even remotely important.


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