Has Anything Changed At Hydro One?

[ 0 ] June 11, 2015 |

nope, can't afford hydro again this monthAfter a particularly long and cold winter, many Ontarians are still trying to play catch-up on their electricity bills.

Weeks after the Ombudsman’s report, nothing has changed for those who have laid complaints about Hydro and the problems with their bills.

Wynne and company are now on summer break and thus are getting yet another free ride about how badly the people in Ontario have been treated.  No need to concern themselves about how Ontarians have been bamboozled by questionable Hydro One practices, billing conflicts and scare tactics.  They’re on summer vacation, don’t you know.

How nice it must be, for our well paid politicians to wave at us and wish us “a lovely summer.”  Well it will be a lovely summer for them.  They get a nice pay cheque on a regular basis. A hefty handsome amount of money at that. I bet they don’t worry about their Hydro bill.

On the other hand, while seniors on fixed pensions, families, and businesses may be breathing a brief sigh of relief that the winter is over, they know in short order, they will have to try to scrounge up some extra money again soon.  It will be the only way they will be able to afford to turn on their air conditioner for an hour or so during the throws of our sweltering July and August.

If only Wynne and her marauders were as concerned about the high cost of Hydro, as they are about climate change. If only they gave a damn about the here and now and those struggling in it, instead of chasing after bogus-science boogiemen and their multi-trillion dollar scams.


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