Wynne’s Documentary On Ice

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wynne documentary axedI admit it, I have a strange sense of humor.

Reading this on Friday morning actually made me laugh out loud.  And not just once!

The “warm and fuzzy” fluffy documentary to make Wynne look good, is on ice.  The director making the Wynne Documentary for TVO, quit.

She quit.

“All I’m going to say about that at this time . . . is I couldn’t deliver a documentary that was consistent with TVO’s standards of editorial integrity and independence,” she said Thursday.

Now, let’s look a little closer at the target of this documentary.

Might it be because Ms Wynne is not as amicable, once you pull back the carefully painted façade?

Let’s not forget, this is a person who banished her soon to be ex-husband into the basement while she moved her new lover upstairs. It really doesn’t speak well of her on a certain level does it. (And don’t get me started that if this was a male politician, and this had been made public, the man would have been skewered in Nathan Phillip’s Square.)

But I digress.

Watching our Premier in the past few months, we’re getting a clearer picture that Wynne has a very autocratic, above it all, personality.  What she wants, she demands and expects to get.

Might that be a little too evident in the film?

While The Star’s piece claims that those who have seen it, say it’s largely favorable toward the Premier, one does have to wonder how a supposed truthful documentary wasn’t deemed favorable enough.

Michael Hannan, the editor of the film and a 25-year industry veteran, also resigned.  “It was just a question of integrity in terms of the story being told,” said Hannan, adding he could not comment further because “it’s a difficult situation.”

A difficult situation.  Maybe because some of the persons involved are “difficult”?

Were there some less than flattering parts that were accidentally filmed and there are those who think that part mustn’t see the light of day?

I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Or was it something else?… Now as I am about to upload the post, a story has just come out in the Sun newspaper chain.  Seems the OPP wants to view some of the footage of this documentary.

So tell us again, what is the real reason this thing got shelved?

Some days you just have to laugh.

Happy Weekend!


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