Wynne And More Missing Millions

[ 0 ] May 2, 2015 |

wheres the 54 million?May 1st in Ontario means yet another Hydro rate increase.  Oh lucky us.

This week, Wynne tried to play to the cameras, appearing to meet with some parents who are opposed to the Sex Ed Curriculum.  One shouldn’t hold their breath that anything will come of this meeting.  It was simply PR by those in Wynne’s office.

The rest of Wynne’s week didn’t go so smoothly.  She was met with a very angry group from OPSEU and other unions on Friday.  Those who feel duped by her aren’t likely to give her an easy ride, so she better get used to protests.  I suspect that she’s going to see a lot of them during her term as Premier.  Austerity isn’t something they will take sitting down.

We are also facing the potential that elementary school teachers of both the English Public and the Catholic boards will walk out as soon as May 10th.  So much for Wynne’s safe hands.

Ottawa’s Tele-health office is closing and will have their calls transferred to either Toronto or other call center. Lots of nurses are losing their jobs, cuts are happening in health care.  Wynne and company vilified Hudak then does precisely what she said she wouldn’t do.  Cut jobs.

Bonnie Lysyk gave the Wynne Government yet another spanking, telling them that they managed to screw up something as simple as keeping the roads plowed and safe for Ontarians.   I don’t suppose we should be surprised this is yet another snafu by the Liberals.  They could screw up building a sand castle in a sand box.

And alas, there seems there may have been a “Fast One” being pulled.  The Federal Government transferred 652 million dollars in health care money, yet only 598 million of it was mentioned in the budget.  Where’d the other 54 million go?  The Interim leader for the PCs was all over this one.  I have to admit, I like Jim Wilson.  I didn’t know much about him before this, but he’s impressed me as someone who knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to dig to get at the facts.

To quote MPP Wilson: It’s $54 million that has gone missing. They (The Feds) gave you that money. What did you do with the money? It’s a pretty simple question.

Considering what AG Bonnie Lysyk has uncovered about the state of Ontario roads in the winter, it’s a safe bet that 54 million didn’t go to plows and snow removal on provincial highways.

Oh and this week your share of Ontario’s debt is now 21,222.  If it’s a family of four in your house – your share is $84,888.

Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy?  Me neither.

Happy Weekend.



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