Teachers Plan More Strike Action

[ 0 ] May 31, 2015 |

good job there Wynne, more strikesEven though Wynne’s Liberals passed “back to work” legislation last week, the union representing high school teachers has indicated that it is committed to resuming their job action on June 10th.

The Ontario Labour Relations Board handed down the decision that their strikes were unlawful.  The Union agreed to abide by its mandated two-week strike moratorium.  On June 10th, that moratorium is off the table. So it appears we’re back to square one.  Or soon will be.

The Ontario Elementary Teachers Union – Public board, also are planning to ramp up their job action on Monday June 1st.

Didn’t Ms Wynne and her gang promise Ontario safe hands?  Didn’t she promise that her new way of doing things would result in Labour peace between unions, their members, and the government?

Doesn’t appear to have worked out so well, does it?

Oh well, Dalton promised no new taxes, only to turn around and immediately institute a Health Care Tax.

I guess “safe hands” is all in the eye of the beholder.


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