Sex Ed – If Push Comes To Shove.

[ 0 ] May 6, 2015 |

Chalkboard saying No.We know that the people who are pushing this radical sexual education curriculum on Ontario school kids, are militants.  We also have seen that they think nothing of bullying anyone who disagrees with them.

Sadly that militancy seems to extend all the way up to the Premier’s Office.  We have seen the name calling and the accusations of homophobia coming from “on high” out of the office.

So, I have a question because sometimes I think one must fight fire with fire.

Are parents allowed to join in a classroom during the school year?

If so, what is to stop a parent from visiting the classroom on the day that this course is going to be taught?  I think it would be quite interesting to monitor the class on those days and watch teachers squirm while they try to walk through the land mine of this mess.

What has not been discussed about this curriculum, is the length of time these topics will discussed in class.  To what degree is the whole “alternate” lifestyle discussion going to last?  What about the mechanics in the older grades, such as masturbation? Is that subject matter going to be a topic in class, perhaps one or two days in each grade?  Or is the Sex Ed Curriculum designed to drop bread crumbs of the ideology throughout the year?

If that is the case, then it is quite disingenuous for Ms Wynne and her government to suggest that a parent can pull a child out of school during class discussions that a parent may find questionable or age inappropriate.

Then there is the question of: Will there be notices sent home?

There are still far too many unanswered questions and it seems to me that people are still being fed a big snow job by the Government.  They want those of us who oppose this curriculum go “go away”.  Too bad.  We’re not.

We must be diligent to not take anything they say at “just face value” either.  They are going to try to divert and put up smoke and mirrors to try to take the heat off of the curriculum.  That means that they will not be above putting out selective information, in order to muddy the waters or to put out deliberate misinformation.

The battle continues.


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