The Scam Am Games

[ 0 ] May 23, 2015 |

pan am games scamExpenses for this ill fated Pan Am Games idea just keep rising. On and on it goes.

So besides the fact that this whole Games debacle is grossly over budget – tax payer money was being spent by staff like it was on fire. Mistakes were made on estimates for both big and small jobs.

The latest is: It appears that 23,000 water bottles that will be provided for the volunteers, will have to be replaced – they leak.

Yep, water bottles that leak and they apparently melt in the sun if they’re left out too long.  For the love of Pete?!?  What else could possibly go wrong with this poorly thought out money pit experiment? The supplier is replacing them, but still.  Did everyone involved with this mess check their brains at the back door?  Even the most junior purchasing clerk usually asks for samples before buying.

Doing a bit of research, this isn’t the only problem with some of the volunteer swag for the Games either.

The shirts being provided for the volunteers also had to be repaired.  60,000 of them.  The logo washed off.

In case you were wondering, both items were manufactured in China.  You can stop shaking your head now.

I have a prediction.  If they sell those silly Muskrat Mascot looking things as teddy bears during the games, they too will also all have to be recalled because the stuffing will be made of flammable fibres or something else equally preventable.

Oh well, no worries, because what is being sold at exponentially high prices during the Games, you’ll be able to pick up at the Dollar Stores in a few months, for a buck or two.

I hope somebody bothers to cancel all the expense accounts once the games are over.  Anyone want to lay bets that someone forgets to do that?


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