Polls Show Wynne’s Popularity Continuing to Slip

[ 0 ] May 3, 2015 |

zapped by liberalsIt’s interesting that consecutive polls show that Wynne’s popularity is falling.

There seems to be quite a distaste for some of her policies.  As posted yesterday, OPSEU members, Teachers Unions, Nurse’s Unions are all very unhappy with the underhanded governmental cuts.

Couple that with, the fierce opposition to the Sex Ed Curriculum and Ms Wynne isn’t going to get an easy ride in the next few months.

The latest polls are now also showing major dislike for the sale of Hydro One.  One such poll suggests that 61% are against the sale and 77% believe this sale will result in higher hydro rates.

77 percent is a high number.  Only hard bent, head in the sand ideologues and Liberals think that their vision for the province, is a positive one.

The rest of us know this sale is going to end up costing us a fortune.  It threatens the very prosperity of this province.

As another 1000 jobs are being cut at General Motors and yet more manufacturing jobs are leaving the province for Mexico (and lower operating costs), one can only whistle past the graveyard for so long before you hit a brick wall of reality.

I suspect Ms Wynne and her die hard supporters are about to hit their brick wall.

People in this province are becoming increasingly uneasy and are beginning to draw that straight line between the instability of their jobs, threats to their way of life and the arrogance of Wynne’s Government to stick stubbornly to policies that will harm this province.

More rallies against rising Hydro rates and against the implementation of the Sex Ed Curriculum, are coming up in May. These are causes worth supporting and as we’re seeing, some of the unlikely allies, like the various unions, are now beginning to see things from our side.

Keep the pressure on!


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