Patrick Brown Wins PC Leadership

[ 0 ] May 10, 2015 |

Start Packing Kathleen!Congratulations to Patrick Brown and his very hard working team on their spectacular win of Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

It was a hard fought race and Christine Elliot was a formidable opponent.

Now that this is done, (and yes, I’m glad to get this out of the way), we as conservatives, big and small “C”s, can look to the future, and plan on extracting Kathleen Wynne and her gang of marauders from government.

As I watched Patrick Brown’s campaign, I was impressed with his ability to reach out to groups who would not ordinarily be members of the PC Party.  He has a vision for this party and for this province.

Of course, the knives will be out.  There are already members of the Liberals calling Mr. Brown an uber conservative, and all the normal “tea party” crap that you can expect from those lefto leaning Liberals.  I swear that some of those Liberals keep their copy of Radicals by Alinsky, a little too close to their bed side.

I do believe that Mr. Brown will put the PCs back on the path to the Premiership and finally bring Ontario back to life after too many years of Liberal mismanagement.

The PCs have 3 years to hold Liberal feet to the fire.  Politics in Ontario just got marvellously more interesting… and the prospect for prosperity again in this once great province, much more promising.


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