Pan Am Games and Nobody Cares

[ 0 ] May 27, 2015 |

Scam Am Games and Nobody CaresThe clock is ticking ever closer to the opening ceremonies of the Pan Am Games.  It has come to light that only 1/3 of the tickets have been sold.

That’s not many.  And it’s not looking good.

A recent poll also suggests that most of us simply don’t care one iota about the Pan Am Games.

Compare that to the full house sales for such things as the World Junior Hockey Tournaments back in Ottawa in 2008.

One has to wonder.  Are the Games being promoted correctly?  Or are they simply a huge taxpayer funded cluster-muck for any city unlucky enough to win the “host” sweepstake.

Consider too, what is going on with the recent arrests of FIFA insiders.  One has to wonder just how bad the end tab might be for Ontario taxpayers and if any entity involved in the contracts, might be getting a little bonus at the taxpayers’ expense.

Maybe the investigators who conducted the FIFA bribery and corruption investigations, wouldn’t mind heading our way.  I’m sure many Ontarians would like to let them let loose to investigate some of the recent goings on here.  They could start with our provincial government.


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