OPP Investigations. How Long Is Too Long?

[ 0 ] May 24, 2015 |

OPP investigations in ontario too longWhile doing a little research, I found newspaper articles dating back to March 2014, which claim that the ORNGE investigation should be wrapping up in a few months.

That was over 14 months ago.

Forget for the moment that there are still 3 separate investigations involving the Liberal government at some level – The most glaring example of why we need a special prosecutor to take over these investigations, is that after 3 years, we seem no closer to finding out what exactly happened with that mess.

A valid argument can be made that the OPP have become far too political to do this investigation properly.

While the very rank and file officers should not be painted with that brush, it’s hard not to worry that higher ups in the ranks are pulling the necessary strings to keep these investigations in perpetual limbo.

The whole Caledonia issue points to political interference in the past.  It’s not a stretch to believe it can happen again.

While not new, the NDP and PCs have called for a special prosecutor as well to look into the deleted emails and gas plant scandal.

When both the opposition parties are appearing to call for an outsider, independent and away from the OPP to investigate, it says an awful lot.  None of it good.

Taking this out of the hands of the OPP is long overdue.


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