Ontario’s Winter Highway Boondoggle

[ 0 ] May 1, 2015 |

do the job - snow jobAnother day, another Liberal mess.

So those major pile ups on the 401 this winter weren’t an anomaly after all.  It would appear that the contract process for clearing our provincial roads ran into yet another typical Liberal snafu.  I can’t say that this is surprising.  Their track record for incompetence just keeps getting longer and longer.

Anyone remember the arrogant display that Wynne put on in Walkerton?  It’s rather precious that she had no problem pointing her crooked finger at the Progressive Conservatives, predicting additional and similar dire consequences, if the PCs formed a government.

Her words: “Decisions have consequences – sometimes more than we could know, sometimes worse than we could fear,” she said.

Yes Ms Wynne, decisions have consequences.  I suppose though, that in a Liberal mind, one need only apologize, promise to do better and move on.  Whereas, if one is a conservative, it should be held against a party (even if it actually wasn’t their fault) as long as it makes political hay.

I for one am glad that the PC leadership race is in its final leg.  Whichever leader hopeful wins, I look forward to relentless pursuit of the Liberals and their ineptitude.

Their decisions cost lives, cost injuries, and for what?  With 200 “bad road” lawsuits pending, sadly, we may not know “for what” or “how many” for many years to come.


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