Obfuscation Only Works For So Long, Ms Wynne

[ 0 ] May 26, 2015 |

smoke and mirrors only work for so longJust how many times can Kathleen Wynne keep trying to change the channel?

One thing that you can count on, is that Ms Wynne’s office has had to become masters of news manipulation.  Some of her staff really should be getting hazard pay.

The latest game of hide the ball and the cup shuffle came within hours of Monday’s damning AG Hydro One report.

Liz Sandals was shuffled out to deflect the bad news by announcing that they are ordering striking teachers back to work.

Such was also the case when she announced that Hamilton will be getting 1 Billion dollars in transit funding a mere 24 hours after the AG report was released.

For what it’s worth, that tactic appears to work when used correctly.  When overused, people catch on very quickly.

A Liberal friendly television station did a quick poll – asking who did their watchers believe are most responsible for the mess at Hydro One?  The CEO?  The Board of Directors?  The Liberal Government?

What’s most interesting are the numbers – they were pretty indicative that Ms Wynne better find a few new magic tricks, because trying to change the channel doesn’t appear to be working as well as she hoped.   Over 61 percent pointed the finger at Ms Wynne and her bunch for this Hydro chaos.

I think if we’ve learned anything from the recent NDP win in Alberta-  it’s that if the government gets arrogant enough to continue treating voters as complete fools, the voters will eventually turn the channel on them.

It’s really too bad that we have to wait another 3 years for that big boot to kick Wynne and her gang out of office.  The economic damage done in the meantime, will be catastrophic to this province.


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