Monkeys and Hand Grenades.

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it's like handing a monkey a hand grenadeOne has to truly wonder – does Wynne actually care about Ontario? Or has her ideological bend finally fried her brain?

As reported by, Kathleen Wynne delivered a speech which included:

Growth in and of itself is not our end in Ontario.  Growth that only serves a small segment of society is not only the wrong choice, it is economically self-destructive. And growth that irreversibly damages the environment and in turn destroys the very building blocks of our health and prosperity is false growth.

Clearly her Eco-Enviro-Wackoism is more important than making sure that Ontario doesn’t end up being  tossed into a 3rd world economic free fall.

So, if environmentalism is at present, the biggest and most important factor in her mind, let’s see her really put her money where her mouth is.

Why not have the guts to tell those at Toyota, GM, Ford and Chrysler to simply close off the automotive manufacturing plants and go elsewhere?  I mean if she really means what she has said: let’s hold her to her word. An argument can be made that ANY manufacturing sector in Ontario only benefits a small segment, so why not tell them we no longer want their jobs or their businesses in Ontario? How do you suppose that will fly?

Of course, Ms Wynne is speaking out of both sides of her mouth.  Her Carbon Credit plan will be the same as all those who have come before it, rife with corruption, rife with the anointed manufacturing sectors getting special favors from government, and government picking winners and losers in who survives while doing business in the province.  A nice donation to their various political campaigns always helps too.

Sadly, Ms Wynne is again missing the boat.  Instead of trying to draw innovative companies who could invent and specialize in more effective water cleanup, earth cleanup, efficient reforestation, or large companies that can efficiently build world class mass transit trains and buses – she wants to strangle hold the poor guy who processes maple syrup, has a corn crop, builds natural wood furniture and forces the prices of electricity so high for working families that living and running a business in the province becomes virtually unsustainable.

Her vision for this province is disastrous.  As said by Mr Chernousov from Facebook – She’s more dangerous than a monkey with a hand grenade!.

Thus today’s meme.  Happy Friday!



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