Levin – Is 3 Years Enough?

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levin disgusting pervertDisgraced educator, and previous deputy education minister Ben Levin, was sentenced to 3 years in jail.  His crimes have been well documented.  Possession of child porn, creating (written) child pornography and counselling someone to inflict a sexual act on a child.

Given that he only received 3 years, the Sun’s piece back on April 13 poses a very good question.  How sure are we that what Levin claims were “just fantasies”, stayed as fantasies? How certain can we be that it all existed only in his mind?

The piece makes a very good point that we are taking Levin at his word.  He claims that his online debauchery was solely fantasy, and never made it into reality. Those fantasies included bondage, rape and inflicting pain on young children.

The psychiatrist Dr Gojer, admitted to the court, that he has taken Levin at his word and that this never transitioned into actual real life activity.

The psychiatrist stunned the court by revealing that on questioning him the previous day, Levin told him for the first time about an encounter that would suggest he had taken his fantasies to the next level: While on business in Amsterdam, he met with a dad from England who was in his incest chatroom and had previously sent him photos of his daughters.

Gojer, though, didn’t believe it was important enough to add to his report or change his conclusions that Levin was just operating in a fantasy world.

I think it’s quite reasonable to be troubled that things were left out of the psyche report.

The fact still remains that Levin counselled people on the internet on how to groom their kids to be receptive to sexual assault.  Did anyone actually abuse their children as a result of Levin’s interaction on the internet?  It’s a question where we may never get answers.  That is unacceptable.

Like much that surrounds Levin, his tentacles may have reached far and tainted much.  That is why there are so many who are also concerned with how much, (or little) he actually did influence the new Sex Ed Curriculum slated to be taught to our kids.

Joe Warmington’s piece in Friday’s Toronto Sun makes a good case as to why we need to revisit the Sex Ed Curriculum and take a good hard look at just where or if Levin may have influenced or inadvertently influenced the document and its contents.

Wynne and her gang have denied up and down that he was involved.  I think they owe it to Ontarians, both children and parents alike, to prove it.  Allow an independent investigative probe into what has Levin’s tainted stamp on it.




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