Does the Hydro Sale Have Hidden Details?

[ 0 ] May 17, 2015 |

another boondoggle in the makingI find myself in the strange position of having to agree with CUPE.

They warn that the details of the sale would actually be kept secret from the public, because of the way Bill 91 is written.

“In short, Bill 91 doesn’t do what we’ve been told. It ends public accountability and regulation of Hydro One and even exempts the company from Freedom of Information requests retroactively, so we’ll never know the details of the sale,” said Fred Hahn, president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario, at a Queen’s Park press conference today.

What is more, is that the bill makes no promise that in the future, the remaining 40 percent of Hydro One will not be sold.  We all know what that would mean to the rates. Up, Up, Up, they’ll go.

Did you know that?  Could the other 40% already be spoken for?  We’d never know, because the details would be completely secret.

This certainly has not been how the Liberal Government has tried to spin this sale, has it?

How many times have you heard from our Liberal friends in Queens Park: – it’s ONLY 60 percent or we’re only selling 60 percent?

I urge you to read the press release from CUPE as it certainly tells a different story, than that being spoken by the Ontario Liberals.

CUPE Press release can be read here.

Should we be surprised by the potential lack of truth by omission, from our Liberal friends?  I guess not.  It’s worked well for them in the past, why not keep going with the flow until someone holds them to account.

The more antics I see from Wynne’s Liberals, the more I know why I am an advocate for “Recall Legislation”.


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