Hydro One Wants Exemption On Rules For Billing Accuracy.

[ 0 ] May 12, 2015 |

hydro one has lost their mindsParker Gallant has broken yet another story that has not been given much attention by the Main Stream Media.

It would appear that those who are in charge of our Hydro system have lost their collective minds.

Hydro One has petitioned the Ontario Energy Board for an exemption so they will not have to adhere to billing accuracy rules and the additional rules which only allow estimated bills for poorly communicating smart meters.

In other words, Hydro wants to have no oversight on how they come up with how much to charge you, or justify to you on how much electricity you used.

And OK, it’s not like they’re strictly adhering to these rules already – the Ontario Ombudsman has some ten thousand billing complaints at last count – but it’s simply amazing that they want approval so they would be allowed the ability to toss a bill at you, based on any number they may choose to pull out of the sky.

Talk about a convenient way to hide the fact that the smart meters are failing miserably and their ability to transmit accurate data is a complete disaster.

It really begs the question doesn’t it, why would they do this?  Would they really need this exemption if most of the smart meters were transmitting correctly?

Kathleen Wynne likes to use the word “clear”.  So in her words, I think the conclusion seems pretty clear. This is clearly an attempt by Hydro One to sweep under the carpet yet another under-researched inept decision by the Liberal Government.  They should have never decided to install these Smart Meters across the province, without proper safeguards.  One need only have to do a Google search to see that countless jurisdictions are having major problems with the meters, which includes the meters sending inaccurate usage information back to the utility.

Now we have these idiot boxes installed on over a million homes across the province, and unless there is hard push back, we may never know just how many Hydro consumers are being pilfered for money they do not owe, for electricity they did not use!

Up, up, up the Hydro bills will go.


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