Hydro One – Deceitful Practices

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hydro deceptive practicesAndre Marin’s scathing report lists a culture of lying and bullying by Hydro One towards their customers and weaving a web of deceit to cover it up.

He called it: An Ugly Picture

This isn’t news for those who have joined together to protest Hydro in local jurisdictions and in Facebook pages like Hydro One – Enough is Enough.

Business customers have had bills amounting in the millions.  Widows having thousands taken out of their bank accounts with no recourse.  The chronicled instances are plain disgusting.

His office received over 10,000 complaints and he believes those complaints will keep coming.

One specific comment in the report sums it up nicely:

Some Hydro One representatives deliberately kept the situation under wraps, deflecting media inquiries and even deceiving the electricity regulator, my Office and other stakeholders about the extent and nature of the company’s billing and customer service disaster.

Marin also urges the Liberal Government to reconsider selling Hydro One, as it would effectively leave customers virtually at the mercy of the company with zero oversight.

Predictable as the sun rising in the morning, Education Minister Liz Sandals, being a good little Liberal minion, tried to change the channel on this latest bloody nose by trying to ram through “Back to Work” legislation for the striking teachers.

Good on the NDP for refusing to allow this to happen.  I’m true blue, but I will always applaud the NDP when they get things right.

What I would like to see from both the PCs and the NDP, is a promise to change the legislation to disallow debits from customer’s bank accounts as they have in the various instances tabled in this report.  Make it worth their while to adhere to the rules.  For starters, if exorbitant amounts are taken from people’s personal bank accounts, and do no replace the money within 3 banking days, they would have to replace the money at double the value.   It’s apparent that the only way some companies will be good corporate citizens is if you force them.  Hydro One appears to be such a corporation.

Does anyone know of other states, provinces or countries that have effective debit authorization legislation we could model this after?


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