Hey OPP, Are You Still Out There?

[ 0 ] May 19, 2015 |

time to get rid of the varmintsSo, there are still erased files and deleted emails that need looking into.  There are still missing files from hard drives relating to the Gas Plant Scandal that need looking into.

There are still allegations of bribery in Sudbury.  That too still needs looking into.

The ORNGE investigation into possible criminal financial activities seems to have stalled.  It has been “looked into” for quite a while now.

Anyone else feeling a little more than frustrated by this apparent lack of movement?

Have the interviews of Faist and Miller ever happened?  What about the Livingston interviews? I’m dying to know – WHAT is the hold up?

As an Ontario tax payer and as a frustrated citizen, I would like to know just how these investigations are going.

The media should be all over this.  Lord knows they frothed at the mouth over the non-starter Duffy affair at the Federal level.  Is this because it is Liberals under the microscope?

Why aren’t the media pestering the OPP on a daily basis for updates?

It is long since overdue that we have an independent investigation into the goings on in this Ontario Government.

They can start with the above mentioned stalled investigations and continue down the road by initiating a massive forensic audit on just who has profited with these stupid windmills and solar farm contracts.

The Green Energy contracts are so incredibly lopsided against the favor of Ontarians, they should be deemed unconscionable.  Those contracts and all involved should be raked over with a fine tooth comb.

Can you think of other instances where there should be launched investigations?  How long is the list now?


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