Elizabeth May, What Were You Thinking?

[ 0 ] May 11, 2015 |

booze true colors shining through memeThere may be mulligans in a friendly game of golf.  But in politics as Elizabeth May from the Federal Green Party is finding out, not so much.

While this blog tends to stay the fray of provincial politics, I couldn’t resist making note of what was clearly a very weird speech by Ms May.

It would seem that the yearly Press Gallery Dinner didn’t disappoint this year.  For many years, the goings on there were kept on the down low.  Some pretty raunchy things have been said and done at that yearly festival of gayety.  The deal for many years, was that it was never reported on.  No matter what was said or done by those in attendance, it was like that old saying about “Vegas”.  What happened there, stayed there.

Now there are cell phones everywhere and the “dinner” now has camera crews to cover the festivities.

The concept of this dinner is to be roast like – a bit edgy in a Robin Williams or Jon Stewart kind of way, and good natured.  I don’t think Lizzy got that memo this year.

So back to Ms May’s faux pas at this event.  If one of her staff actually wrote that mess, I hope someone gets taken to the woodshed.  If she wrote it herself (and she clearly had notes – so there was some preparation), someone really should stay away from the cough and cold meds and wine.

At the end of one of the clips – you can hear a blond woman in the audience saying  – “that was not cool, not cool at all.”

No, it wasn’t cool at all.  Ms May has since apologized and blamed meds, lack of sleep and some drink for her weirdness.  I don’t know, I can’t help but think that through experience, it’s often the case – true colors seem to leak out when booze is involved.

Perhaps Ms May should stick to organic ginger ale.


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