Our Electoral And Governmental Systems Need An Overhaul

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our government needs an overhaulOnce upon a time, the saying went: People get the government they deserve.

For the longest time, I tended to fall on the same side of the argument.

With the age of global news, the instantaneous nature of the internet, you begin to see patterns in the news where those in power simply do as they please, instead of working for those they claim they represent.  It is becoming much harder to simply blame those who vote, or don’t vote, for the governments they live under.

As a matter of fact, the democracy and freedom that many fought so hard to obtain, has systematically been eroded and taken away from us.  Moreover, the governmental system has been twisted and intentionally bastardized in order to prevent any meaningful ability to hold government officials to account.

That I think, is where we as voters get most frustrated and need to take back the power which should be ours.  It’s easy to say, if you don’t vote, you shouldn’t be allowed to gripe.  That said, what about those who have faithfully voted and see corruption, dishonesty and pure narcissism pass through the doors of our governmental establishments year after year, election after election?

I’m not just talking about potential sour grapes because the elected party doesn’t lean far enough to the left or far enough to the right, for your liking.  I’m talking about watching the sheer audacity of elected officials to deliberately lie, deliberately mislead the population in order to win office.  I’m talking about such distain for the populous, that politicians believe the low life peons they are supposed to represent, really don’t deserve to know their true intentions, before they get elected or once in office.

Ontario has spent the last 13 years being treated to a provincial government whose disdain for those they are supposed to work for.

How do we fix it? Frankly it’s time to get our heads out of the sand and stop looking down our noses at those who are willing to protest and make a lot of noise.  Nothing will begin to change until we demand that those who will ultimately follow this present government, will institute recall legislation. Politicians need to have real fear that they can lose their job.

Another necessity is opening up the legal system to allow for provincial auditors and special investigators.  We have to make it easier for those to can work beyond the influence of government interference.  It shouldn’t require hens teeth to set the investigators into motion.

The investigations into ORNGE, The Sudbury Election Scandal, nor the deletion of emails pertaining to the Gas Plant cancellations should have been handed over to the OPP.  Add to it, Andre Marin’s recent auditor report suggesting that Hydro One deliberately mislead his office and the legislature, and you have proof positive, that unless these investigations end with convictions and jail terms for those involved, the corruption and malfeasance will continue to get worse. Our system needs an overhaul and those who have been abusing their power will not hand over that kind of change unless they are forced to do so.  The long protracted investigations by the OPP simply have allowed too much funny business to go undetected and unpunished.

This once great province has never been perfect, but it was a pretty decent place to live.  Allowing over ambitious narcissistic politicians to rip up the expectation of good governance, should carry stiff repercussions.  It will only be then, that we can put the onus back on the voters to make their choices wisely.  When your vote doesn’t matter, they have us right were they want us.  Helpless and unable to force change.


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