Dire Warnings About The Sale Of Hydro One

[ 0 ] May 14, 2015 |

stop the sale of hydro oneWhat do you have when the offices of Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk, Ombudsman Andre Marin, the information and privacy commissioner, financial accountability officer, integrity commissioner and French language services commissioner and the advocate for Children and Youth, all sign a letter warning that the sale of Hydro One and the bill before the MPPs, will “significantly reduce” the oversight powers of their offices?

The latest in a long line of warnings that the Wynne Government is going down the wrong track. Again.

The officers are all hired by the legislature, by all-party committees of MPPs, and report to the legislature independent of government.  That means they don’t just report to Wynne’s Government.  Their reports are made public and their purpose is to provide much needed oversight on behalf of taxpayers.  The majority of that ability will be halted if the Wynne Government goes ahead with this sale.

Among other things that this sale and bill changes will do “away with”, will be the ability of their respective offices to conduct what the Ontario Public depends on them to do on our behalf.

  • The auditor general won’t be able to conduct performance audits
  • The ombudsman won’t be able to investigate public complaints
  • Freedom-of-information records oversight won’t apply
  • The financial accountability officer won’t be able to examine planned Hydro One operations
  • The integrity commissioner won’t be able to review expense claims
  • Employees’ salaries would not be published on the sunshine list and executives’ expenses would be kept secret.
  • Lobbyists could meet with Hydro One staff without their names being publicly disclosed

A collaborated warning of nature, by 8 different accountability offices, is unprecedented.

And what’s more, it puts in a glaring light that far too much about the sale of Hydro One stinks to high heaven.

What we are seeing here is a Government who knows the ONLY way to handle the debacle that has been made between the Green Energy Act and the entire province’s Electricity file, is to throw a blanket of secrecy over it.

The fact that 8 separate accountability offices have taken this and made it public, is an ominous notice. Each Ontarian should be screaming down every Liberal MPP they can find.  Do not stop screaming at them until this sale offer is taken completely off the table.


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