The Curriculum That Bands Parents Together

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just teach fundamentals!There was an interesting article in the Globe and Mail this weekend.

The press has picked up on something that the rest of us have known for quite some time.  Opposition to this radical Sex Ed Curriculum is not just noise by a few religious zealots or uptight homophobes.

If that were the case, the problem for the Wynne Government would have remedied itself pretty quickly.

What the Globe notes is that this crosses – disparate – lines.  Their article took an honest look at individuals with vastly different backgrounds.

Yes, there is opposition because of various religious affiliations but it goes far beyond that – and this is a factor that Wynne and her like-minded sex on the brain zealots, refuse to accept.  This one size fits all curriculum is proving out to suit a smaller minority of the students, instead of addressing the largely diverse majority of students in Ontario schools.  The Government is trying to tout itself as being the guardian of preventing misinformation, or lack of knowledge.  When a Government claims to know all, be all.  Be fearful, very fearful.

As with the Globe article, if you took a random look at people at various rallies across Ontario, you will note that there are people from Eastern Block Countries, South Asians, Eastern Indian, Caribbean and European heritages, the Middle East, parts of the African continent as well as various subsets of people from every other corner of the earth. There is no denying that many are from areas where sexuality is still a private and personal matter.   As with any population, you will find people with varying comfort (or discomfort) levels with sexuality and the various topics that are associated with it.  Add different cultural diversity, age, backgrounds in the mix, and we now have the opposition to the curriculum that has gained in strength.

There are many things wrong with this curriculum, not least of which, is that it wants to pigeon-hole everyone into one small box, so that the messages they plan to put forth can be indoctrinated into kids, the way the “researchers” have put forward.

Has anyone in the Liberal Government bothered to notice and understand the differing cultures, and backgrounds that inhabit their largest cities?  Clearly this curriculum makes no allowances for the varying viewpoints on sex without love, sex before marriage or even varying viewpoints on “the other genders” they claim to want to promote.

The Wynne Government can claim that their curriculum is “research” based all they want.  They dishonestly hold that “research” card up as some moniker of authority, hoping to leave the impression, that because it has been “researched” by someone – that there are no valid dissenting views.  It also allows them to try to dismiss anyone who dares to challenge their assertion.

When a curriculum cannot withstand a good dissection, then it isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.  It’s right to look cautiously at this curriculum and question its ulterior motivation and zealot disregard for anyone who dares to have a point of view that differs from the government.


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