Chiarelli Pooh-Poohs Collective Legislative Overseers Warning.

[ 0 ] May 15, 2015 |

no oversight will be the norm with liberalsIn typical Bob Chiarelli fashion, he shrugged off the concern of the 8 officers of the Legislature.  Clearly he doesn’t think that oversight of the Hydro system in Ontario is as important as they do.

The arrogance of this government never ceases to amaze me.

Don’t forget this is the same Minister of Energy who wagged his finger at Bonnie Lysyk’s report, claiming she didn’t understand the complexity of the Ontario Electrical grid and system.

Good ole Chiarelli didn’t even bother to get red faced when it came to light that Ms Lysyk actually spent 10 years at Manitoba Hydro in the capacity as Assistant to the President and Chief Executive Officer.  He stuck to his story that she didn’t understand the intricacy of such a system.

He pulled the same garbage when he spoke to some of the Hydro protestors this week.  Again, he claimed that they didn’t grasp the complexity of the system.  One has to wonder if Bob understands much other than how to be a slippery politician who is condescending to anyone he wishes to talk over.

Bob Chiarelli might be a good Liberal soldier for the Wynne Government’s stupidity, but as for working for the people of this province, not so much.  His attitude is a complete disgrace.  Not surprising mind you, but still disgraceful.

This is going to be yet another predictable Liberal Boondoggle in the making.  And it’s you and me who will again get hosed by higher rates, because of it.


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