CHEO Chops Nurse Jobs

[ 0 ] May 13, 2015 |

cheo lay offsThe Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario has announced that they are going to be cutting 50 nursing positions.  There are approximately the equivalent of 27 full time positions on the chopping block and the union is claiming that could impact 50 different nurses in actual job losses.

While it’s easy to shake our finger at the union bosses who thought that Wynne was their best bet for their union membership, it’s despicable that these cuts are happening in a service that takes aim at one of our most vulnerable segments of Ontario.  Our kids.  The hard working people who work at CHEO have a special significance because their job deals with sometimes very sick and gravely ill children. That takes a special breed of not only professional, but human being.  For anyone at CHEO of all places to lose their job, is plain wrong.

Remember that Ontario throws away a billion dollars per year on electricity that we produce, and sell at a loss. A one BILLION dollar loss.  That’s a lot of nurse and health care that isn’t being supplied.  Our taxes are not going down, but the services we have paid into for years is being decreased.

I am glad that the newly elected leader of the Progressive Conservatives, Patrick Brown, understands that the rank and file union members are important to this province and care about good fiscal management of this province for the benefit of all.  He has reached out to them and I can predict that he and this new dawn of the PC Party, is going to treat them with the respect they deserve and for the job they do.

In the meantime, hug your children and pray that they do not need the services of CHEO or other health care facility.

Ontario, all of Ontario, young and old deserve far better management of the province. Wynne and her gang are a big fat failure.  We know that, but it merits being said again.


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