Can The Liberals Be Any More Slimy?

[ 0 ] May 28, 2015 |

screwed ontarioWynne’s Liberals are planning to pull some shuffle the deck, back door trickery.

Why?  Here’s where the trickery comes in.  The move would allow them to pour all the shares, securities and holdings from Hydro One into a holding corporation. This effectively would make it free from the prying eyes of Ontarians, any Ombudsmen oversight, any present legislation that would forbid them from the sale, or any snoopy annoyances like inquiries from the Freedom of Information Act now or in the future.

Vic Fedeli blew open their little sneaky attempt and warned of the dangers of allowing this to be done.

So much for government transparency and Wynne’s safe hands.

The Liberals tried to quietly sneak these amendments through, so it would allow them to do away with any annoying interference from anyone who opposes this sale.

In the meantime, Andrea Horwath and the NDP are putting forth a petition that would force a referendum before Hydro One could be sold.  It is modelled after a Manitoba Act with a similar intent, so it has merit and teeth in law.

Lend your support here.

Even if you’re not an NDP voter – we are in this together and a good idea, is a good idea.  So sign the petition and get like-minded people to lend their support.

The PCs have called for the OPP to investigate into the clear attempts by Hydro One to mislead the Ombudsman’s Office and the Legislature.  They are also being seconded by the NDP, who would welcome an investigation into the underhandedness.

3 more years of this, and there may not be much left of Ontario.  At least the 2 opposition Parties are trying.  Lend your support to their causes, petitions and calls for investigations.  Even Teflon is bound to chip sooner or later.


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