Buying Union Cooperation With Our Money

[ 0 ] May 8, 2015 |

unions and liberals getting our moneyIt is being suggested by the Globe and Mail, and the Financial Post that the Ontario Liberals intend to buy the cooperation of the Power Worker’s Union by giving them a share in the soon to be sold off “Hydro One”.  The workers will get shares in the electricity transmission utility that equal to 2.7 per cent of their base pay every year from 2017 until 2028.

How nice.

Initially there was some talk that the PWU would throw a wrench into the sale, because the sale would not be conducive to workers’ security.  This concession, on our dime, will guarantee that sale can go ahead, unhindered by pesky union griping.

They win, we give stuff away and get to pay higher prices down the road.  As I said, how nice.

While the NDP and PCs have tried everything within the confines of the Legislature to try to put a halt to this, clearly it’s a done deal.

Of course the smoke and mirrors by Deb Matthews claiming that the Liberals campaigned on this, and that Ontario gave them a clear mandate to do this, is pure bunk, but again, nothing can be done.  They have a majority.

Ontario, where the pain will keep on hurting and your wallet will be empty.


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