Bob And His Traveling Tomatoes.

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Chiarelli's Travelling TomatoesBob Chiarelli’s thought processes, really boggle the mind.

He insinuates that we mere peons do not understand the Electricity Grid.

It’s expensive to deliver power.  Very expensive to get it to its location.

Last week, he used the trucking of tomatoes, as an analogy.  Claiming that the cost of produce inevitably costs more based on how much it has to travel.  His fairytale implies that all electricity comes from one central point and then must travel all over the province.  That of course as we know, is absurd.

But OK, let’s use his analogy.  Would not those businesses and homes within a kilometer of any large electricity station have a large reduction in their delivery charges or none at all? Didn’t think so.

Let’s be totally honest here.  The reason that Hydro Rates are so high and there are all sorts of extra charges on our bill, is because the Liberal government under both Wynne and McGuinty (with which Bob was an MPP in both governments) inflicted on Ontario, the Green Energy Act.  This debacle handed plum Green Energy contracts to Liberal insiders and friends.  The money paid to them in some cases, is 14 to 20 times the going rate of other methods of production.  IN some cases money is being paid to contract holders at full pop, whilst no hydro is being produced by that contractor, at all.

Somebody has to pay for that.  That somebody is you and me.  We even lose over 1 BILLION dollars per year, because we have sell our electricity to other jurisdictions at a loss, or even PAY them to take it off our hands.

THAT is one of the major reasons why the cost of our Electricity is so expensive.  Getting it to us isn’t the issue.  Unconscionable contracts and bad oversight, are.

Bonnie Lysyk who wrote a scathing report about this mess, understands the complexity.  She understands it down to the nuts and bolts of the grid.  She spent 10 years in key roles at Manitoba Hydro.

It would appear that the biggest “complexity” we as Ontarians do not understand, is the COMPLEX web of Liberal insiders who are profiting on the backs of Ontario hydro rate payers and tax payers.  THAT is where the rubber really hits the road.

So what is the Liberal answer to this?  They tell us about the cartage of tomatoes.   Don’t get me started on how utter ridiculous and disdainful this whole explanation is.

And so I guess the question becomes how do we stop these birds?  And it is a question that is being asked more and more within the groups such as Hydro One – Enough is Enough, as well as other groups who take issue with other aspects of Wynne’s autocratic regime.

Do we have any parliamentary historians among us, who know of rarely used procedure rules that could perhaps stop them in their tracks?  Or maybe some legal minds that can go after the unconscionable aspects within the contracts of Green Energy?  If the contracts were signed and have perpetrated a fraud on the Ontario people. Can they be rescinded as a result?

I for one would like to know.


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