Bad News Seems To Follow Wynne Government.

[ 0 ] May 16, 2015 |

bad news follows wynne like a bad pennyIt hasn’t been such a good week for Wynne’s Liberals.

Bob Chiarelli made a fool out of himself by shrugging off the very well worded warnings from 8 separate Officers of the Legislature.  Their pointed concerns over the diminishing oversight to Ontario’s Hydro System is being applauded by everyone except those in the Liberal Party who rank ideology as more important than good governance.

Polls also show that some 70% of Ontarians are against the sale of Hydro One in any capacity that the Liberals have proposed.

One of Wynne’s foot soldiers took aim at newly minted PC Leader Patrick Brown.  The usual “tea-bag” and “scary” accusations came from the Liberals.  Strange though, even most of the media giggled and flushed off the Liberal comments as inane and pointless.

The Sex Ed Curriculum opposition continues to grow.  They have tried unsuccessfully to paint those who oppose it as everything from homophobes to religious zealots.  Some of the media have even tried to pit one religious group against another.  Hasn’t worked though.  More protests are planned.   Don’t plan on seeing them go away until this whole Sex Ed issue is reworked.

When you couple it with the public paying close attention to the Teachers Strikes and Ontario Nurses who are losing their jobs – it’s refreshing to see that Ms Wynne and her Liberals approval rating is continuing to plunge.

Wynne’s diminishing approval ratings are bad news for the Liberals, but a good news for Ontarians on this Long Victoria Day Weekend.


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