Alberta Goes NDP Orange

[ 0 ] May 7, 2015 |

Alberta elects NDPs Oh No Help!Those of us with a few extra years under our belt, aren’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

Watching what just happened Tuesday in Alberta, is mind numbing on a few levels.

For those of us that are old enough to remember someone by the name of Bob Rae, there has to be a sense of strange deja-vu.

We’ve been down that road before.  It didn’t end well.

Alberta is now going to spend the next 4 years in an orange hang over.  A very costly orange hang over.

For a person who loves political commentary, or for those of us who comment on the political goings-on, this is gold.  They are going give us plenty to write about.

You can count on major screw ups, major expensive mistakes and an electorate, who by the end of their term, will be out for blood.

The idea of the NDP in charge of a province with oil fields is, surreal.  What will happen there, probably will end up being what nightmares are made of.

This is also a shot across the bow for the Conservatives in all provinces and at the federal level.  STICK to conservative values.  Arrogance, sense of entitlement, and fiscal irresponsibility may not get your Liberal Political counterparts thrown out, but if you are labeling yourself as a Conservative, it will get your butts thrown out of office faster than the left leaning press can report on a PC MP expensing a 18 dollar glass of orange juice.

The Alberta Conservatives were acting like spoiled, over-entitled political bureaucratic cronies.  It is what got Mulroney’s PC party thrown to the curb, and it is what got Alberta’s PCs thrown to the curb.

Thursday is final voting day for the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario.  And I, for one am glad there is a reminder that doing politics the old way will not win an election.  What the NDP did in Alberta was campaign on what the grass roots were saying.  They were sick of the Redfordism and like minded types, of the province.  The NDP took what hard polls said, and made it their platform.  It worked.  Plain and simple, it worked.

In Ontario, the elusive 905/416 area can vote blue, provided it makes sense.  The lesson here is if you’re a Conservative – people want honest politicians, they want to be heard, and they want to their party to represent the “grass roots”.  The NDP spoke that language in Alberta and won.  What they do with that win, probably won’t be pretty, but that’s beyond our control.

What is in our control is to pressure whoever wins the PC leadership to get back to basics.  Be the Conservative Party that “makes sense” for people.  When that happens, we will get rid of successive bad governments in Ontario.


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