Wynne’s Proposed Cap n’ Tax

[ 0 ] April 12, 2015 |

big taxes in OntarioAnd so it begins.  Any Cap and Trade is nothing more than a tax grab by greedy incompetent politicians who know they have already spent their way through the money pot.

It’s just too easy for Wynne to shuffle this tax grab into whatever coffer slush fund she pleases and spend it on pet projects that do nothing to actually reduce carbon emissions.  Europe’s attempt at this has been a colossal disaster, rife with corruption, trading fraud and favoritism to companies close to the government.  Those companies do not have to play by the rules that the rest of us peons have to play by.

Next we will see this so called pension plan funneled into Liberal pet projects.  Again no actual money will be put aside for pensions, and the bandits will be long since retired and gone.  We the tax payer will get the shaft again.  No accountability and no recourse.  The big question is why?

A company out of Ottawa is suing the government for 9 million bucks because they didn’t get their chunk of money from the Green Energy Windmill and Solar Scam.

It seems every time we turn around, the taxpayer has to pay for the gross in competence of elected officials.  Some of these birds really need to be sitting in a jail cell.  Until that happens, I fear there really is no deterrent for these kinds of shenanigans.


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